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My name is Jozsef Koszpek.
I was born in Hungary on April 30, 1939. I live in Szekesfehervar, Hungary.
I am in the shoe and cart blacksmith trade.
I come from a blacksmith dynasty; my grandfather and my father also had this trade.
I am continuing this family tradition with my brother.
I first tried egg-shoeing in 1985. In the previous years, I managed to prove this and coordinate
the classical elements of egg-shoeing well, which dates back to the Middle Ages.
I did this trade with my personal design work; i.e. the nailing of the
horseshoe on the egg with different techniques.
For example they are sawed up, opened eggs. The horseshoes are being made by the handsmith.
I have worked with every kind of empty blown our eggs from the chaffinch egg to the ostrich egg.
May records have been made of the various types of eggs I produced:
34 pieces of iron - shoed parrot eggs, 146 pieces of iron - shoed hen eggs, 35 pieces of iron - shoed goose eggs
598 pieces of iron - shoed emu eggs, 1119 pieces of iron - shoed ostrich eggs.
My last record went into the 1995 Guinness Books of Records.
My eggs were exhibited at the Vatican Museum and various other European I Museums and also in Japan, 
Canada, Australia and also in the United States.
In my research not too many artisans in the world know this trade with this I tradition and are keeping a Hungarian specialty alive.
I would like to improve my works and also keep up and enhance the Hungarian people's reputation!

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